Which City Has The Most Twitter Users?

One might guess that San Francisco is home to the most Twitter users, being the birthplace of the company. Or maybe Tokyo, Japan, a hugely populated city where Twitter is perhaps the second-most-recognized brand.

But no, neither of these cities are the mother hive of Twitter users. Care to take a guess as to which one is?

After eliminating San Francisco, many of you will have probably guessed “New York”, and you would have been right.

The claim that New York is the place to be as a Twitter user was made back in 2010 by a company that looked at how social different cities across the US were. New York took the top Twitter spot back then, and San Francisco came in second – and things haven’t changed.

At the unveiling of Twitter’s newest office at 340 Madison Avenue in the heart of Manhattan, Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey proclaimed that New York had the highest concentration of Twitter users of any city in the world. And it also had the second most Twitter developers.

The bright lights, big city of New York is where the Twitter action is, so it makes sense that the company would choose to crack open a brand new office in its midst.

So if you’re a developer or just want to be amidst like-minded Twitter afficionados, you might want to reconsider your relocation to San Francisco in favor of the Big Apple.

(Image courtesy of Cedric Weber via Shutterstock)