What's Up With the App Directory?

Ten years ago the web was an ugly place, cluttered with a vast array of crappy websites and littered with porn. Today, it is still littered with porn and the crappy websites haven’t gone anywhere. Instead they are piling up at a furious pace. This would all be a disaster if it weren’t for one company: Google. Thanks to Google (and others that are attempting to compete), we now have effective filtering methods to sift through all the junk.

The same thing is now taking place on Facebook and it is now extremely challening to filter through them. There are almost 15,000 applications and the list continues to grow at a rapid pace. You would imagine that Facebook would take some time to make their application directory more effective but so far they have not. It has been almost seven months and when I search for an application from the general search box I get completely different results then when I search through the app directory.

Facebook should also quickly add the ability to sort applications by the rating as well as fix the multiple errors within the directory. When Facebook reaches over 100,000 applications they will have significantly reduced the spamminess but more important is that we can search through the applications effectively. How do you find your Facebook applications? Do you spend time browsing through the directory?