What Will T.G.I. Friday’s Do with Its Woody?

TGIFWoody.jpgWoody worked: Now what? T.G.I. Friday’s used a campaign on Facebook, featuring a fictional 30-something slacker named Woody who still lives with his parents, to sign up nearly 1 million fans, each of whom received a free hamburger. But now that the restaurant chain reached its goal of 1 million, which was doubled from its original target of 500,000, what will it do with 1 million friends, Inside Facebook asks.

T.G.I. Friday’s only had about 100,000 fans when the campaign started Sept. 10, and it reached the 500,000 mark Sept. 13, according to Inside Facebook.

The page is now No. 6 on the list of restaurant pages on Facebook, but the campaign was completely based on Woody, who, in turn, exists solely to give out free burgers, Inside Facebook pointed out.

Some suggestions from Inside Facebook: Allow users to post on its Wall, as Papa John’s does; let the page become a clearinghouse for other coupons, as Baskin-Robbins does; develop an application that lets people contact their local restaurants, as Pizza Hut does; and including an app for making reservations.