What Parents Think Kids Do Online (Infographic)

One-in-10 of the parents surveyed believed their children had probably or definitely been bullied online.

The data about the impact of social media on physical and mental health can be confusing. While some studies indicate that Facebook makes you hate your life and that the tendency to overshare compromises our personal data online, it seems most people really aren’t that concerned.

Still, being the parent of a digital native can present its own set of challenges. Social insights software provider Qualtrics surveyed more than 1,000 parents of tweens and teens age 8 to 17 to find out what parents think kids do online.

In general, teens tend to be more concerned about cyber-bullying. Indeed, while a study from a year ago indicated that more than half of teens are somewhat concerned about being bullied online, only one-in-10 of the parents surveyed believed their children had actually been on the receiving end of such behavior.

Perhaps this lack of concern is more an indication of confidence among the parents, 73 percent of whom said they monitored the content their kids accessed on smartphones. Many of the survey participants believed that social media had a positive impact on their kids’ self esteem and education.

The parents surveyed were most concerned about the possibility that their children were using dating apps. In fact, 30 percent said they believed their children had already used a dating app, and nearly half acknowledged that their kids probably engaged with strangers online.

Check out the infographic below for more data about what parents think their kids do online.