What Keeps People Coming Back to Mobile Apps?

1 in 5 apps are used once and never used again, but incorporating deep links into direct digital and social campaigns can help consumers realise the value of your app.

People download apps all the time, but the many are used once and never used again.

Google teamed up with market research firm Ipsos MediaCT to survey 8,470 consumers with smartphones. The goal: to find out what drives people to install apps, what keeps them coming back and why the abandon apps. The report also offers some insights for marketers hoping to ensure the longevity of their apps.

One key point from the report was the need for app re-engagement. People want apps that make their lives easier and serve a specific function. Indeed, two-thirds of those surveyed said an app that simplifies their life will get more frequent use. The challenge is to avoid falling into the trap of developing an app that serves a single purpose.

The report recommended the use of re-engagement ads with deep links. However, deep links don’t need to be reserved for ads, nor should they. According to Bitly chief product officer Matt Thomson, deep links enable brands to send consumers into apps from regular communication channels, instead of waiting for them to rediscover the app on their phones.

Thomson noted that an effective mobile app strategy means using the technology solutions in direct digital and social channels:

Companies spend a lot of time on email and social content only to send users to a place that’s not optimal.

Another way to use deep links effectively, according to Thomson is to include tags on web pages for alternative locations within the app:

Deep Link tags are essentially tags on web pages that suggest an alternate app location for a specific piece of web content. For example, a story about the Golden State Warriors on espn.com (or es.pn if you’re using a Bitlink) has an alternate location in its app on Android or iOS.

In the end, ensuring the longevity of your app is to prove its value by making it useful past the initial download. Implementing a deep links strategy into your regular marketing campaigns can be an important part of helping consumers realise the value of your app.

According to the report:

Ultimately, by engaging your audience at the right time with content that’s relevant to them, brands can keep their connection to app users alive.

Check out the full report for information on how people find apps and how to make your app more discoverable.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.