What Has Former CEO Dick Costolo Been Up To Since Leaving Twitter?

The former Twitter CEO has spent the past few months disconnecting from the tech world and going on vacations with family, but he's ready to lead again.

Dick Costolo left Twitter in June, as co-founder Jack Dorsey returned to take the reins. Since then, Costolo has largely kept a low profile, but is starting to re-emerge as a force on the tech scene.

Costolo recently joined the board of directors of two startups — IfOnly and Patreon — and, in an interview with Adweek and SocialTimes, hinted at starting his own venture in the spring.

Costolo has spent the past few months disconnecting from the tech world and going on vacations with family, but he’s ready to lead again. Costolo talked with SocialTimes about what caught his eye with IfOnly, an experience sharing platform:

(CEO of IfOnly Trevor Traina) and I have known each other for a while. I’d say several different things brought me to the company. I’ve had a lot of requests to help out in the past few months, and I’ve only done two things: this and the Patreon board. Mostly because I need to keep my time free if I start something myself in the spring.

Specifically, the things that turned me to IfOnly were, one, I think Trevor is really onto something with this notion of experiences being of growing importance over material things and possessions. I thought that was a really interesting insight.

Secondly, I thought I’d be able to help Trevor out with my operating experience. Thirdly, I like the way that a significant part, and in fact I think the majority, of his VPs are women. Having women in technology is something that is very important to me, and Trevor is really putting his money where his mouth is there.


Costolo has no regrets about the way things went with Twitter, a company he helped scale:

It was amazing. It was exciting, and it was in the eye of the hurricane. What else can you say except, “That was awesome.” So I don’t have any regrets about it or anything like that. I do think that one of the fantastic things about it was all of the lessons learned about trying to build a company of that size and that magnitude and scaling. That’s invaluable, and I’m sure will be helpful later on. Hopefully, it’ll be helpful in working with Trevor and seeing patterns and recognizing those patterns and seeing what works and what doesn’t work, and bringing that to IfOnly.

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