What Did Facebook Pitch to PR Execs. at Their Big Meeting Last Week?

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As we previously mentioned, Facebook hosted a slew of PR executives at their Palo Alto, CA headquarters last week. It’s no surprise that the company touted their marketing capabilities that PR pros can take advantage of for their own brand or clients.

But what exactly did they talk about? Everyone who attended signed NDA’s, but we spoke with one PR executive in attendance, who told us the following.

Said the PR executive:

Basically they highlighted Facebook features which the Facebook PR team uses to promote their products and news – Pages, Blog/Notes, producing feature stories about FB users and pushing them out on their FB page (which serves as the company’s About page). They also highlighted live streaming, which is what Randi Zuckerberg spoke about.

They also had Tim Kendall from the Ads group talk about using FB ads and tools like targeted/geo delivered posts (to groups with over 1000 fans). They had reps from their PR team speak – platform, international and corporate.

It was a great event overall, especially for the quality of PR people there, from the top companies and agencies in the Valley. There were PR folks there from across the valley including Skype, LinkedIn, Xobni etc.

So there you have it.