What Are The Most-Tweeted-About TV Shows? TV Genius’ New Social TV Statistics Will Tell You

TV Genius, provider of software for enhanced TV viewing, has launched “Social TV Statistics” – a web app that is updated daily to reflect the most-tweeted-about TV shows in the UK. And although this tech is yet to hit North America, TV Genius promises that it could be deployed anywhere across the world.

The Social TV Statistics app itself is pretty slick, showing a list of the top 20 most-tweeted shows with Twitter data such as the maximum daily and hourly tweets this week, and the average daily tweets of the last week. Each entry contains collapsible information about the show itself, including a synopsis of that week’s episode and a graph depicting the time and volume of tweets related to the show.

This week, for instance, Angry Boys mocumentary was the #1 most-tweeted show, with 20,698 max daily and 1,920 max hourly tweets.

Tom Weiss, CEO of TV Genius has this to say about the new Twitter TV feature:

“TV viewing figures tell us a lot about which shows are the most popular, but they do not give any indication towards people’s opinions and levels of engagement. If they are tweeting about a show, we know they are engaged and that it is relevant to them and not just playing in the background. Our new analytics service enables operators or content owners to learn more about their programming and make strategic decisions based on the knowledge they receive.”

Not only does TV Genius offer some pretty cool stats about who is tweeting during which TV show, but they also suggest that broadcasters and content creators use their tools to enhance the TV viewing experience using Twitter. They can, for instance, alert their viewers when a show is generating a lot of buzz on Twitter. Or they can serve up social TV recommendations. Or create personalized, regionalized TV guides based on what viewers are tweeting about regionally.

The stats themselves are cool to dig through. The fact that Angry Boys was tweeted about nearly 2,000 times in a single second during its broadcast is quite amazing. But TV Genius clearly has a bigger target in mind with their Social TV Statistics software, harnessing Twitter to truly create the social TV experience.