We’re Surprised It Took This Long: Anthony Weiner-Inspired Carlos Danger Brand Hot Dogs Hit The Market

Carlos Danger Weiners are being sold online. The gimmick will only last for so long.

This tailgate party set is on sale for $79.95.

Someone finally went and done did it. Carlos Danger Weiners are being sold online. Randall Richards, CEO of a company called Web Dominators LLC and an Illinois company, Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats, have come together on this one. And besides the hot dogs themselves, there’s a social media contest for the “best disguise” while eating one of the dogs, along with the funniest caption.

“Our dogs are seriously good (no kidding) so share the Carlos Danger Weiners with all your friends,” the site reads. “Or, you can take a picture of yourself with your Carlos Danger Weiner and send it out to your friends, or even people you don’t know at all!… It’s also the perfect gift for a loved one, that special co worker (wink), or turning heads whenever you choose.”

Also, there are “Weiner girls” to host the parties as well. Groan, yuck and yikes. Seriously, every silly and suggestive image or phrase that can be coupled with this product is being used to push it. And why not? The shelf life is only until Weiner loses the election.

Telling ABC News that it’s an opportunity that’s too good to pass up, Richards adds, “It’s a great American dream to make money off a stupid political gaffe.”

Not surprisingly, Anthony Weiner’s camp didn’t respond to requests for a comment.

The money-making possibilities on this gimmick are limited. And you have to wonder if the two companies waited a little too long to launch this product. It looks like the mayor’s race has moved on and public interest in the scandal could be waning for good.

Separately, but related, Weiner has been looking worn down and a little undone recently, hasn’t he? Bill De Blasio is the front runner (today), while Weiner continues to see his support slide, with only 11 percent support according to a recent poll. Others are putting it at 10 percent.

But it’s also his demeanor that seems to have taken dip. A couple of weeks ago, he was caught on camera mocking a British reporter, then in an interview with Buzzfeed he said the F-word and dissed the outlet. The jokes and negative attention may finally be taking a toll. And now that he’s becoming less and less of a possibility for mayor, it appears that the other candidates don’t see much of a point in even bringing up the sexting scandal anymore.

As he continues to fade and John Oliver steps down from his post behind the desk of The Daily Show taking his dancing “Danger!” interlude with him, we may finally be done with all this.