We’re Being Informed That Google Plus Isn’t Dead (Again)

Several editorials, advertisements, and bigwigs tell us that the search engine colossus is this close to getting it right.


For years, Google Plus has tried to become the Facebook of… well, Google. However, there’s one problem that continues to be the bane of Google’s existence when promoting it.

G+ sucks out loud. 

Several editorials, advertisements and bigwigs tell us that the search engine colossus is this close to getting it right. The buzz causes a few more (dozen) people to get interested and link their Gmail to the beleaguered social network.

However, this time, we have a grand poobah extolling the greatness of Google Plus — Google’s vp of streams, photos and sharing Bradley Horowitz. He was having a mild-mannered (and slightly promotional) chat with Backchannel’s editor in chief Steven Levy when he began sharing that the latest round of Google Plus obituaries should be deleted until further notice.

“No, Google Plus is not dead. In fact, it’s got more signs of life than it’s had in some time.”

Anyone buying that one? The trumpets are sounding but that’s only because Google bought them and scheduled that to happen in unison. So, tell us Mr. Horowitz, where is G+ going?

google+failjpgThree and a half years into this journey, we’re looking at what the users are telling us Google Plus is good for, and doubling down on those uses. For instance, one particular use-case on Google Plus is people aligning around common interests.

If I’m interested in astronomy and I want to meet other people interested in astronomy, we think we have a good solution — Collections, a new feature that we launched just two weeks ago. It’s the first in a series of pivots. We’re also moving aside the things that either belong as independent products, like photos, or eliminating things that we think aren’t working.

You know, like the entire thing. Back to the interview…

“It’s fair to say you’re about to see a huge shift in what Plus is becoming,” he said. “It’s a shift in response to what users are telling us. That’s a very healthy and natural thing. As opposed to sticking to strategies of years ago, we’re actually adapting to how the product is successful in market and doubling-down on that.”

Wouldn’t you just love to see the odds Vegas could give that bet?