WeOped Raises the Level of Online Political Debate through Social Networking

gi_0_logopng.jpgHere’s the idea, two idealistic college friends who were hopeful for their generation’s portal got disillusioned by the lack of civilized discourse (for a simple term, debate) in American politics decided to create a new forum that would spark renewed interest on dialogue and debate and called it Weoped. Hence we have a new social networking site that aims to raise the level of online political debate through social networking – Weoped.

Weoped’s launch was just in time as the ongoing US electoral exercise was starting to heat up. Certainly, We Op Ed could play a vital role in presenting an alternative avenue for sparking health dialogue and debate related to the ongoing 2008 elections. Though facing a tough competition against traditional media sites as well as more established and well know internet players who are also into the 2008 elections, including Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Google etc., We Op Ed is setting itself apart from these sites by working on the dictum, “A Marketplace of Opinions, Built from the Ground Up.”


But to succeed with its endeavor and achieved its goal of sparking the community’s renewed interest to debate and dialogue, We Op Ed is facing a tough and dauting task. If it were to give just the usual social networking features such as blogging, community debate forums, among other usual social networking fare, it might not actually pull one over the major internet players.

We Op Ed must extend far beyond the usual and offer its members and would-be members something innovative, something new, some lively an interactive that would push its social networking dictum tied up with political debates and discussions.

Politics is a very serious niche, and to make a wave in this niche, something has got to be promising and outright innovative without being too light so as to give the impression of lacking professionalism.

We Op Ed has a remarkable existence and purpose, it’s up to the two college friends how and where they would want to take the social networking site.

In the meantime check it out for yourself and see whether it’s got the potential of hitting it big in the social networking/web 2.0 arena.