Well, It’s About Time to Hate the Girl Scouts…for Political Endorsements?

Typically, around this time of the year, people are avoiding storefronts and grocery stores because the Girl Scouts are out pimping its Samoas, Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints and other sinful cookies. They bum rush people trying to get to the organic food section and end up walking away with about one trillion calories in their bag.

That’s not this type of hatred.

No, it seems the lovely girls of cookie shilling has dipped its pretty, pink toenail into the pool of political endorsements. Wait, what? Yup, and it’s all because of this tweet. We’ll explain more after the jump…

You see, in Texas, three things are sacrosanct (and often synonymous). That would be football, religion and politics. And buried in that list was one gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, who made national acclaim for her senate seat for not taking hers and filibustering against a pro-life bill on the Lone Star floor. It will make a great Lifetime movie one day, but Davis would rather kick Rick Perry’s tail out of the Governor’s house first.

cookiesThat said, these cute, cherubic Girl Scouts had to nerve to look up to that woman for her action (not necessarily its meaning). The gall, right? To wit, we have “CookieCott 2014″. Yes, as in “boycott”, because the tools who created this farce can’t think of anything better.

Meet John Piscotta, leader of a tiny pro-life organization in Waco who needed some media love and received it from one So from one Breitbart:

“The Girl Scouts were once a truly amazing organization,” [he said]. “But it has been taken over by ideologues of the left, and regular folks just will not stand for it.”

So, I’m regular. I’m sure you are too. And I’m even certain the PR team for the Girl Scouts are considered a skosh bit of normalcy by U.S. of A. standards. Tell me: when you eat Girl Scout cookies, do you think of abortion, lesbianism and hatred for all men, or do you think of Savannah Smiles and those dear-sweet-Jesus-how-I-love-them Samoas?

Now, that’s normal, right?