Weekly Dose Of Cute – The Kids & Babies Edition

It's the beginning of an exciting new week and it's time for the Weekly Dose Of Cute! Check out five adorable kids and babies videos after the jump.

It’s more than just another manic Monday – it’s the beginning of an exciting new week, it’s the first day of the rest of your life and, most importantly, it’s time for the Weekly Dose Of Cute! This past week was strangely quiet on the cute kittens and puppies front. But what the week lacked in cat videos it made up for in cute kids and babies videos and so, we bring you Weekly Dose Of Cute Kids & Babies Edition!

Baby’s First Audition

This is officially the cutest video I saw all week. This little baby knows how to rock out, and at only 7 weeks old!

Baby Metal Hand Symbol

The baby in the video above isn’t the only little one who knows how to rock. When this little girl’s dad asks her how old she is she responds with the sign of the horns. Meeeetal!!! \m/

Baby, Piece of candy (original)

This video shows you how to trap a kid, Family Guy style. Just like Peter and Brian trapped James Woods with a trail of candy, this dad traps his daughter. “Ooh, piece of candy!”

Little Girl With A Lot Of Imagination

When you were little did you used to tell elaborate stories? I did, but I don’t know if they were as crazy as this little French girl’s Winnie the Pooh story. It’s got a suicidal hippo that’s allergic to magic, the class struggle between rich and poor and more. Also, isn’t it just adorable to hear little kids speak foreign languages, whether or not you know what they’re saying?

A Talented Father-Daughter Duo on Ellen

This month an adorable video of a father-daughter duo singing Edward Sharpe’s “Home”. Of course it was only a matter of time before the duo made an appearance on Ellen. The little girl, Alexa, is adorable. My favorite part is when she waves to Ellen at 2:24.