Weekly Dose Of Cute: Flirtatious Polar Bears & Weightless Cats

It's back to the daily grind after a long, and hopefully relaxing, weekend. We're here to help you get your week started out on the right foot - with a little bit of cute overload!

It’s back to the daily grind after a long weekend that was hopefully packed with some much needed relaxation and fun. We’re here to help you get your week started out on the right foot – with a little bit of cute overload, of course! This week we’ve got some adorable videos for ya, including flirtatious polar bears, a baby elephant, a baby, a schnoodle and…weightless cats?! I can has some gravity?

Funny Polar Bear Flirts With Mate

If you thought us humans did some weird stuff to get the attention of the opposite sex, just wait until you see this female polar bear try to reignite this male polar bear’s passion. The male is totally captivated. And who wouldn’t be?

Baby Elephant playing on the beach

I never really thought of elephants as being a cute breed of animal. But after seeing this adorable baby elephant playing on the beach I’m in love!

Eating grapefruit

According to the description on this video, “Penny is 10 months and loves grapefruit, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from her reaction!” That’s right, it looks like the grapefruit is so sour that it makes her fall over. But we’re gonna take your parents word for it that you love the sour stuff, Penny.

Schnoodle Plays Piano & Sings

Not one, not two, not three or four but five of my friends sent me a link to this video of a tone-deaf singing and piano-playing schnoodle this week. It’s sort of hard to sit through, but adorable just the same. And who wouldn’t love a schnoodle?

Weightless Cats – I Can Has Gravity?

And to round things off, check out this video of weightless cats! A little cruel? Maybe. But the Internet seems to have a love/hate relationship with cats, which makes videos like this just as popular as cats being adorable and loveable. Do you think this video is cute, funny or just plain mean?