Weekly Dose Of Cute – Ducks, Ducks & More Ducks

Happy Monday, folks! Today’s Weekly Dose of Cute has gone to the ducks!

Happy Monday, folks!  Today’s Weekly Dose of Cute has gone to the ducks!  For some reason, ducks have been extremely viral this summer.  In the last week alone, three duck videos have taken off on YouTube, and in the past couple of months we’ve seen even more ducks climbing the YouTube charts.  These duck videos are cute, funny and an all-around great way to start your week out with a smile. Quack!  Quack!

Duck family going up the down escalator

This funny video caught my attention this morning.  It features a family of ducks trying to walk up the down escalator.  While the video originally went viral back in 2009, it had a sudden surge in viewership this morning.  I wonder where these ducks are trying to go!

Ducks crossing the street

This just may be the longest line of ducks to ever cross the street.  Take that, drivers!

Food defender! Puppy vs ducks.

This video is less about the ducks and more about the adorable puppy that’s chasing the ducks away so that he can eat in peace.  This video has been viewed over 638,000 times since it hit YouTube at the beginning of the month.

Baby Duck Feeds Fish

This video drew some attention last month.  It features a little baby duck feeding some fish.  Adorable, right?

Duck Parade

Finally, this video of a Belgian duck parade has been viewed over 784,000 times since June.  “A duck parade?” you may ask.  Yes, a duck parade.  Does this happen often?  We don’t know.  But we sure hope so.

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