For The Baby Boomers: WebOver50 Is Your Ultimate Social Media Resource

Do your parents or grandparents get frazzled when you try to talk about social media? If your mom is trying to get a grasp on “The Facebook” and your grandpa just can’t comprehend what the heck Twitter is for, then you may want to let them know about WebOver50. WebOver50 is a new resource for baby boomers and other web surfers over 50 who are trying to understand what social media is, how it works and what it can be used for.

Accordng to PRWeb, WebOver50 publisher Marilynne Rudick launched the blog because, “Over50s often have a knee-jerk reaction to Facebook, Twitter and other social media. ‘It’s dangerous; it’s a waste of time. Not me! No way!’ Their fears about privacy trump the huge benefits they can get from the web.” Rudick wanted to let these “Over50s” know about the benefits of social media, including social apps that can help them communicate with their friends and family, find job, save money, get updates on news, health issues, consumer products and more.

WebOver50 is a goldmine of great posts about social media for the older crowd. Some of the most popular posts include Five Reasons You Can’t Afford to Dismiss Social Networking and Safe Social Networking: What Advice Should You Give Your Kids. The site covers a variety of categories including Blogging, E-Commerce, E-Mail & Messaging, eLearning, Safety & Privacy, Saving Money, Social Networking and more.

So if you know someone over 50 (or even someone younger with social media phobia) who could use some help navigating the world of Facebook, Twitter and beyond, WebOver50 could be just the thing they need to overcome their fears and get to networking.

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