WebMediaBrands Expands Social Media Portfolio With Acquisition Of 3rd Power LLC

-Charles Hudson Headshot-

Following the acquisition of Social Times Inc, WebMediaBrands (Nasdaq: WEBM) has acquired Charles Hudson’s 3rd Power LLC. With that acquisition comes a portfolio of conferences including Social Gaming Summit, Virtual Goods Summit, and iGames Summit. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed but this is definitely an exciting announcement. Our company was acquired weeks ago and this acquisition will help expand WebMediaBrands’ social media portfolio.

While I’ve never worked with Charles Hudson in the past, he’s a highly respected participant in the social media industry. In addition to running a number of conferences on the side, Charles currently works at the social gaming startup Serious Business. Given Hudson’s depth of industry knowledge, breadth of industry contacts, and business acumen, Charles will most definitely be a welcomed consultant to the WebMediaBrands company.

WebMediaBrands, who recently sold off Internet.com and its assets to QuinStreet for $18 million has been looking to rapidly expand the company’s social media portfolio. While the company’s first two acquisitions have been completed, CEO Alan Meckler previously suggested that other acquisitions may be in the works. Given that WebMediaBrands is now our parent company, we will surely be covering any of those acquisitions as they happen.