The Weather Channel Misses The Mark With Callous Tweet

The Weather Channel Misses The Mark With Callous Tweet

Fort Worth city council member Joel Burns just wanted his Weather Channel weather app to show proper photos of Fort Worth – but he got a little more than he expected.

On Tuesday morning, Joel posted a tweet to the Weather Channel asking them to update their Fort Worth photo selection.

Sure, he may have seemed a bit overzealous, but anybody on Twitter would know that mock-rage tone that’s so popular these days. The Weather Channel didn’t respond, and Joel followed up with a taunting message to point out that he’d deleted the app. The Weather Channel responded like this.

So instead of fixing the undeniable problem, the Weather Channel decided to slight Joel (as well as all of Fort Worth) with “Sorry to see you go.” The message there could only be read as ‘We don’t really care about your opinion, we’ll keep the wrong photo up if we want.’

But to top it off, they take a jab at his efforts to end bullying. Who in the world is going to respond positively to that kind of message? Obviously someone didn’t think twice before they made the tweet.

If you don’t know the bullying reference, Joel is well known as a sympathetic philanthropic type thanks to his TED talk “It Gets Better” which reaches out to try and help gay teens come to grips with the difficulty of being different.

The Weather Channel has since issued an apology for the tweet. Check it out at the Scoop Blog.

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