Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve – Web 2.0 Style

Ever feel that you need to get something off your chest, or else you’ll explode – or worse yet – implode? Assuming that it’s something you don’t want to share with someone you know, and the confessional is simply not an option, you might want to check into Peegly.

It’s sort of like Twitter for your emotional aside. Rather than micro-blog on what you are currently doing, you tell the world how you really feel. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve!

Registration is not required and you have the option to identify yourself or remain anonymous (or as anonymous as the Web can really be). Pick a category (love, hate, wishes, sins, pride, fear, dreams or other) and leave a message.

As users visit the site, they can leave a comment on your feeling or give it an ‘OK’ by voting on it.

It appears the creators view the project as a healthy outlet to cleanse your mental health.

“The main task of the service is to bring down psychological tension and improve people’s mood by creating in them positive attitude and enabling them to express their thoughts and to be heard. All new sentiments appear on the main page of the portal, which gives every visitor a personal ‘podium’ to declare their feelings.”

However, given that the top ‘sentiment’ upon my visit was Forbidden Love, and the fact that users can include URLs in their posts, I’m wondering if the site will just become a hotbed for spammers and – well – idiots.

Each sentiment gets a stay on the homepage and must be approved by a moderator. The former is cool, the latter takes away that instant gratification many users might be searching for.

Are you willing to share your feelings with Peegly?