WE Showcasing Its Digital Tools at SXSW

Sample screenshot of Ripple Effect

Prior to landing in Austin, Waggener Edstrom announced its mobile app Hot Spots @ SXSW, which would use Foursquare check-ins to help visitors find the most popular events. Today at SXSW, WE is introducing an updated version of this app as well as two other digital tools.

Hot Spots in Austin has added a Buzz feature to track trending topics at the conference. The app will be customized for future events. It’s available for Windows Phone 7 and iOS smartphone platforms.

WE is also highlighting Ripple Effect and a new Social Graph tool.

Sample screenshot of Social Graph

Ripple Effect tracks which people spread a PR, campaign, or event message the farthest. And Social Graph, which is under development analyzes who is an influencer and on which social media networks and platforms they exert that influence.

All of these tools were developed by the firm and are meant to incorporate [human analytics with software innovation],” said Karla Wachter, SVP of WE Insight & Analytics in a statement.

Folks on the ground can also check out the tools at an event tonight.