Wayin Launches Real-Time Social Search Engine

The new social search engine enables brands and journalists to find and analyse social media data, to power real-time with social media audiences.


Lots of companies are trying to capitalize on fast-paced social media trends. Dataminr partnered with Twitter last year to identify breaking news by analysing Twitter’s massive data stream. Now, those in marketing will be able to search through the data streams of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with a new social search engine from Wayin, announced today.

According to Wayin CEO Elaine Feeney:

Social media sites today are full of so much information that it’s often difficult for social media marketers to find the right content when it matters, and then be able to act on it in a timely manner.

To combat the overwhelming stream of data, Wayin’s new search and engagement engine will allow marketers to conduct in-depth searches of specific terms across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The results are broken down even further based on location, gender or time period. The tool will also allow marketers to determine the sentiment and broader context of the content, and conversations around it.


Determining what and why certain trends are popular at a specific time, marketers can now respond in real time, and push campaigns out quickly to generate the highest engagement. Some users are already seeing the benefits of this technology.

Cade Madison, technology strategist for real estate consulting and communications firm REAL Trends, said their business was enhanced by both the discovery of trends, as well as the ability to predict and publish at a moment’s notice.

Social predictive analytics is the wave of the future in our industry, and it’s great to leverage the social content and we’re excited to use Wayin to help us discover, market and predict these trends fast.