Watching The Lunar Eclipse On My Android Devices

Most of us probably didn’t know it, but there was a lunar eclipse visible in the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, central Asia, and western Australia between 2 and 6 PM Eastern time today. If you did not live in those areas but had an Android smartphone or tablet you could watch the eclipse using the SLOOH SpaceCamera Android app.

If you are a space fan and don’t know about SLOOH, you might want to check out their web site. A yearly or monthly membership fee provides you access to robotic space cameras located around the world via the web. The SLOOH SpaceCamera Android app provides a stream of photos from live events, and is available for free in the Android Market.

I tried the SpaceCamera app on both my Nexus S, connected to T-Mobile, and my HTC Flyer that was connected to WiFi and found the WiFi connection did a better job of displaying the pictures, which were streamed from Dubai, South Africa, and Cyprus. When I first checked in at 2:10 PM I could see that the eclipse was just beginning. Around 4 PM I checked in again, and saw that the Dubai feed showing the moon in a deeper shade of red, while the Cyrus feed showed a slightly lighter shade of red. Apparently the red color is due to the Chilean volcano eruption that started June 4.

If you did a search on today you will have noticed that the Google’s doodle shows the pictures of the eclipse, which were fed to it by SLOOH. Google also live streamed the eclipse photos on YouTube.