Watching March Madness On The iPad

The U.S. NCAA Men’s college basketball tournament starts today. Over the next two+ weeks there are a bunch of exciting basketball games being played across the country, starting in the afternoons on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each week. The games are being broadcast on TV on CBS and several other cable networks, and you can also watch streaming video of the games for free on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch with the NCAA March Madness On Demand app.

This afternoon I used the app to check in on games on my iPad, which was connected to a WiFi network. The screenshot shows you how well the video looked, which I think looks amazingly good even in full screen on the iPad. The video is smooth, the audio is clear, and it looks every bit as good as watching the games on TV. The iPad’s screen size is perfect for watching video along side my computer while I am working.

As I said, the app is free, and it does show commercials at the same time as when the commerical broadcasts go on commercial break. I don’t think the commercials are the same as what you see on TV, but the video is the same TV broadcast. The app also provides a scoreboard, player stats, an overview of the tournament in bracket form, and the ability to make your own picks for the tournament. Unfortunately for me, one of the teams I picked to make it to the final lost during this first day of the tournament, putting a big hole in my bracket.

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