5 Fun New Ways To Watch YouTube With Your Friends

Watching videos online is fun, but watching them with your friends is even better. We’ve put together a list of five sites and applications that you can use to watch all your favorite videos with your friends online, and you don’t have to be in the same room or even the same country!


SynchTube makes it easy to watch YouTube videos with your friends. You can just paste a YouTube URL into the SynchTube homepage and click “Create Room”. Then, share the provided link with your friends and they can join in the fun. There’s a chat box so you and your friends can talk about what you’re watching. Check out the screenshot below to see a video I watched with my friend Gina.


Rounds is a fun meeting point for friends, where you and your buddies can not only watch videos together but also play games, snap screenshots, listen to music and more. You can watch videos with your friends at the Rounds.com website, or try out the Rounds video chat Facebook application.

What’s great about Rounds is that it lets you video chat while your friends while you watch videos, whereas many of the applications that let you watch YouTube videos with your friends only have a text chat option. Check out the fun video below to learn more about Rounds.


Zorap is similar to Rounds in that you can video chat with your friends while watching YouTube videos. Zorap lets you listen to music and share pictures and documents with your friends, as well as watch YouTube videos.

To get started with Zorap, simply create an account, open a room and invite your friends. Note that your friends won’t need a Zorap account in order to join your room and start watching videos with you. Check out the video below for a demonstration of how Zorap works.


YouTubeSocial is a new product from SocialVision that just launched. How does it work? Basically, you simply type in the word “social” to your YouTube URL before the .com and it takes you to a video page with a chat box where you and your friends can watch videos, comment and chat in real time, as the video plays.

Users have the option to copy and share the URL with their friends that they’d like to invite to watch the video with them, or users can login through Facebook to watch videos with their Facebook friends. Check out the screenshot below to see what the YouTubeSocial interface looks like and add “social” into the URL of your favorite YouTube video to try it out for yourself.

As YouTubeSocial just launched, they may need a little bit of time to iron out the kinks. The site was working for me earlier today, but I’m currently getting connection error messages. However, I imagine that once everything is up and running smoothly YouTubeSocial will be one of the best ways to watch YouTube videos with your friends, as it incorporates the Facebook social graph.


Watchitoo is yet another platform that lets you watch videos with your friends online, as well as manage projects and documents. With Watchitoo you can create your own YouTube video playlists and invite guests to watch your show and communicate via text or video chat, or you can log on to see other users shows. Check out the video below to see a demo how Watchitoo works and how to join a show to watch YouTube videos with other users.