WARNING: Don't Click 'Naked And Funny' Posts

Don't click on wall posts referring to a naked and funny video, or you'll end up spamming all your friends' walls.

The latest scamware circulating on Facebook touts naked and funny video footage and instead puts malware on your machine and spam on all of your friends’ walls.

Clicking on the link takes you to a page that flashes a video window for a second before popping up a menu of six different affiliate scams, all of them striving to collect information via exessive amounts of popups.

Rogue applications like these all attempt to earn commissions for the creators of the scamware, so clicking through and supplying personal information only enables the scammer to plan the next scheme.

If you see anything resembling the images above, report the content to abuse at facebook dot com and notify affected friends. Then go through your privacy settings and delete apps you’re not using.

Readers, when was the last time you reported something abusive to Facebook?