Warner Bros. releases ‘Getaway: Race to Glory’ game ahead of film’s theatrical release

The-Getaway-Racing-Game650Image credit Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has announced the launch of its newest browser game, in celebration of the upcoming release of the Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez film Getaway. The driving game “Getaway: Race to Glory” is now available to play in browsers, and gives players the chance to put their driving skills to the test across a variety of missions.

The game loosely follows the film’s storyline, which sees Ethan Hawke’s Brent Magna racing against time to save his kidnapped wife. Players in Getaway: Race to Glory are challenged with driving across a cluttered city map to reach a green dot somewhere in the city. The map is full of cars, roadblocks and other obstacles that make driving more challenging, and cops will quickly join the chase.

Players can make a literal name for themselves in the game, as their success in timed missions qualifies them for the in-game leaderboard.

In addition to the branded browser game, Warner Bros. has also announced the Getaway Car Customization app, another browser-based experience, giving users the chance to customize their own digital car. Users can choose from various hoods, spoilers, rims, paint colors, lights, decals and more, and then enter their masterpieces into a contest for $20,000 in prizes.

Both Getaway apps are now available to play for free. The film itself comes out in theaters on August 30, but no mention has been made of how long these games will be available after the film’s release.