Want to Customize Flipboard? Get in Line

iPad owners who want to try out Flipboard, the app that produces what its creators call the first social magazine: Get in line — the line for an invitation from the company to access a version of the app that actually works.
Since the app launched Tuesday, potential users have been greeted by error messages and blank pages, according to GigaOM. Making it worse, Flipboard does not host a blog on its site, so it was difficult for users to find out what was going on.
GigaOM reports that Flipboard released a new version of the app that works with an invitation feature, allowing users to take their places in line and register their Facebook and Twitter accounts when their turns come up.
Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said in an email to GigaOM, “For the last 36 hours, we have been managing an explosive rush of new users, which has clearly been beyond our wildest expectations,” adding that more than one-half of users still had no access to customized features.
As GigaOM pointed out, it’s a good thing that there are only some 4 million iPads in use.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.