Want Immediate Tweet Data? View Twitter On This Twheel

Earlier we mentioned that you might want to download cool Twitter apps while you still can (before the angry API monster gobbles em up). Well, THIS would be one of the apps to explore before that happens.

Twheel is fun, pretty fantastic and free (for now) – check it out!

Looking for a new way to organize your social media streams? How about a Twheel? It’s organized in a wheel. Obviously.

What is it specifically though? It’s “Twitter -(r)evolved! Twheel is an award-winning Twitter client with a twist! Twheel is optimized for the human brain to make discovery in your social feed effective, efficient and fun. Twheel visualizes relevance of the tweets in your feed so you can quickly find the most relevant stuff from the noise!” And here’s how it looks:



What’s so great about THAT? Well, for one – it’s a wheel and you just glide your thumb around to view info on specific tweets. Two, the little white bars show how popular a particular tweet is (tracks retweets) and three? They’ve taken information filtering to a whole new level by changing the design.

I’d guess it won’t stay free for long though as its already planning to become “an exclusive Twitter service that is available only to the lucky members who signed up before the user limit (imposed by Twitter) comes up.”

Check out how it looks in action below and then try it out! And please let us know what you think of it in the comments if you do (try it out).

(Twheel image from Twheel.com)