Want Better Organization on Facebook? Just Kick It.

kick it facebook applicationI was very unimpressed with Facebook’s friends lists. They’re just something I don’t see myself using. That’s why I was happy to find Kick It, an application that basically organizes your contacts for you based on the information in their profiles.

It allows you to do some very interesting research about your friends that I think can really come in handy. When I first used the application, I found out that 24 of my friends like Pink Floyd, 18 like Pulp Fiction, and a stat for virtually everything on my profile. I was also able to see exactly who those people were.

This is a social organization tool that I could really see using. If I want to find a friend that likes something, or has a particular affiliation, or went to my old high school, I would much rather peruse an application that did the leg work for me than form lists myself.

Now I know where to know next time I need to get rid of a concert ticket!

– Jonathan Kleiman is from the Canadian professional network Probook.ca