Walmart was Most Tweeted Brand on Black Friday [Report]

American consumers spend more on Black Friday than almost any other day of the year, and they often talk (or tweet) before they buy. E.Life wanted to find out which brands were the most talked about on Twitter during the Black Friday rush, and the results may surprise you.

Out of the more than 281,000 tweets analyzed by E.Life’s Tweetmeter software, 156,000 were about Walmart. This makes the largest chain store in America the most-tweeted Black Friday store in America, too. Walmart received more than three times more Twitter chatter than any of the nine other brands that E.Life examined.

Best Buy came in second place with 47,552 tweets, and Macy’s came in third with 41,950.

And to add some more data to their analysis, E.Life created an interactive map of the top 25 tweeting cities in the US to really get at where these Black Friday tweets were coming from.

New York city tweeted about Black Friday the most, making up almost 16% of all tweets analyzed. Following New York was Chicago and L.A. with 7.8% of tweets each.

However, most interesting is the fact that these 25 large cities only make up only 25% of all tweets about the brands examined by E.Life. This shows just how dispersed Twitter users are around the country, tweeting about Black Friday deals from major city centers, rural areas and everywhere in between.