W.H. Comm. Director On Internet News Cycle: ‘There Is Basically A Constant Swirl Going On’

TIME‘s Michael Scherer takes a look into how the White House is managing a news cycle that seems to move exponentially faster with each passing day. From the story:

“We have a theory of how the news media work in this Internet age,” explains Dan Pfeiffer [pictured], the buzz-cut 34-year-old who recently became the third person to serve as Obama’s communications director. “There is basically a constant swirl going on.”

This twister still includes the newspaper front pages, nightly news broadcasts and magazine covers that can often shape the national debate. But it also incorporates Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, the latest Internet attack videos and that e-mail your aunt just sent you. “There is a constant conversation that goes on all day long, through blogs, through cable TV, through Twitter, between reporter, subject and reader,” says Pfeiffer, who sits down the hall from the Oval Office. He says his new job is to “make sure we are not getting swallowed up by the swirl.”

PRNewser has spoke with a number of political PR operatives who have said the fast changing news cycle is one of the reasons why the Obama press team has become more active on Twitter, in an attempt to squash incorrect or incomplete stories there, before they bubble up to mainstream media.