Voxer Business updated with Walkie Talkie mode for businesses

Voxer Business 650

Push-to-talk (PTT) company Voxer has announced an update to its Voxer Business app on mobile devices, introducing “walkie talkie” mode for companies. This technology works across all carriers and is cost effective, as companies aren’t forced to purchase specific push-to-talk capable devices for each employee, especially those in other countries.

Walkie Talkie mode converts existing smartphones into push-to-talk devices. Messages are streamed to the user in real-time, and they can respond to these voice messages without having to keep the Voxer app open on their device. Communications are recorded for playback at later times, and the app supports group communications and on-the-go team chats.

The Voxer app sports a redesigned user interface on iOS, headset support for hands-free messaging, read receipts for determining when messages have been read by their recipients, a widget for the app on an Android home or lock screen, and (for Android and Windows Phone users) the ability to forward messages to others.

“Traditional PTT solutions aren’t keeping pace with the demand of growing workforces across the globe. Cellular-based PTT has limitations on the devices and providers that can be used, while two-way radios are expensive and an unnecessary addition to carry around,” said Irv Remedios, president of Voxer. “Voxer Business’ walkie-talkie mode enables companies to replace these older PTT solutions with an agile, easy to deploy and cost effective solution. Employees can use any type of connection, device or carrier they want and are not locked in to any type of contract, providing the ultimate flexibility in business communications.”

Voxer Business is available for $9.95 per user, per month. This update is available for free to existing users. A free 30-day trial is available via the company’s website.