VOTE: Paul Ceglia Versus Mark Zuckerberg

What do you think about Paul Ceglia's claim to 84 percent ownership of Facebook? Share your opinion in our poll and come back to see how others have voted.

Yesterday, Paul Ceglia moved his lawsuit claiming 84 percent ownership of Facebook to federal court, and the text of his challenge has become public.

Facebook has said its defense includes includes proof that Ceglia has forged other things in the past, which suggests that he might have made up portions of this claim, if not all of it.

But Ceglia’s lawsuit calls Zuckerberg a fraud. Ultimately, the court will decide where any fabrication lies.

But now that 25 pages of Ceglia’s challenge has become available for all to read, how could one not form an opinion?

Readers, please let us know what you think of the case so far by participating in our poll. And by all means, please share in the comments section your rationale for voting the way you do. Check back here later to see how the rest of the votes come in.