VisitBritain and Betapond Show the Top 50 UK Places by Check-Ins

App developer Betapond has created the Top 50 UK Places Page tab application for the Page of UK tourism promotion agency VisitBritain. The tab app ranks tourist attractions such as The London Eye and Buckingham Palace by their total check-ins to date. Users can see if their friends have visited the Places, find information about the attractions, and purchase tickets through VisitBritain’s website. The app shows how aggregated public Places data can be used to make money for travel companies by highlighting locations.

To date, check-in leaderboards by Betapond and Context Optional have been for single brands looking to drive foot traffic to their own locations. By using Places data to enrich a travel portal which sells tickets to attractions by a variety of owners, those who don’t actually own any Places can profit off of Facebook’s location product.

Top 50 UK Places is the default landing tab on VisitBritain’s Love UK Page. Users first see the name, profile picture, and total check-ins to the top 10 Places. Each entry includes links to the VisitBritian website to find out more information or buy tickets, and buttons to share the tab app on Facebook or Like that attraction’s Places page. Free, public attractions show a “Free” badge instead of a ticket link. If users give the app permission, it can show friends who’ve checked into the Places.

The rankings display well known historical attractions, but also Places which see a disproportionate number of check-ins to their total foot traffic, such as sports arenas and amusement parks. For this reason, the app can be useful for finding out where locals go for fun, not just spots tourists find in guidebooks.

Betapond says it will be releasing additional projects with VisitBritain in the coming months in hopes of creating a “‘global guest book’ for international tourists to share their experiences.” If the app gains traction and makes money for VisitBritain, expect travel companies and tourism agencies around the world to install similar apps.