Virgin Mobile Differentiating With Social Networking Music App

Image courtesy of Motorola
Image courtesy of Motorola

It seems as though every day a company is announcing a new Android phone. As I look at the different announcements, I try to find what makes one phone stand out from another. This week Motorola announced several new phones for different carriers, but what caught my attention was their TRIUMPH phone for Virgin Mobile. One thing that makes the TRIUMPH stand out is the inclusion of the Virgin Mobile Live app, which is a social networking music app.

The Virgin Mobile Live Android app will be available exclusively on the TRIUMPH, and it taps into Virgin Mobile’s live streaming music on the Internet hosted by DJ Abbey Braden. You can listen to the live stream from any web browser at Access to the live music stream in the Virgin Mobile Live Android app will be free, and will include check-in features for concerts. You will have the ability to enter status updates in the app and sync that status with Facebook and Twitter.

Another way that Virgin Mobile is differentiating themselves from other carriers selling Android handsets is by promising to only provide “stock” Google Android UIs for their phones, as opposed to the customized UIs that typically come on phones from other carriers. Of course, another big way in which Virgin Mobile stands out is that they only sell pre-paid service plans without contracts, so the TRIUMPH will be one of the first Android smartphones sold by a pre-paid carrier.

The TRIUMPH comes with Android 2.2, has a 4.1 WVGA touchscreen, and will play 720p video both on the device and to external devices using an HDMI port. Virgin Mobile will start selling the TRIUMPH in July, but has not provided any pricing information.