Virgin America Christens Its Newest Plane With A Twitter Hashtag

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Twitter hashtag! Yes, you’ll see all of those things in the sky the next time you look up at Virgin America’s newest plane. They’ve become the first company to name one of their fleet using a Twitter hashtag.

Meet #nerdbird, the hippest plane in the skies.

Announced on Friday on the Virgin America Twitter account (@VIRGINAMERICA), the #nerdbird is the 39th plane in the Virgin fleet. And they’re dedicating it to all of their social media fans.

The #nerdbird hashtag has been floating around Twitter ever since the unveiling of the new plane. People are chiming in from around the world, hoping to fly on the #nerdbird the next time they fly Virgin.

It’s really a brilliant marketing stunt, naming your plane using a hashtag. It provides instant virality on Twitter, in that when people talk about it, they’ll have to use a hashtag. It also carries a coolness with it that I’m sure Twitter users who fly Virgin will want to cash in on.

The plane itself comes fully equipped with everything you’d expect from a Virgin craft: lounge-like lighting, touch screen entertainment, and a new level of flying in style.