How A Viral Video Changed One Homeless Man’s Life

One homeless man from Columbus, Ohio may have a new life in store for him in 2011, thanks to a YouTube clip of his golden radio voice. 4 million views later, Williams' life has been turned around.

One homeless man from Columbus, Ohio may have a new life in store for him in 2011, thanks to YouTube. Just two days ago Doral Chenoweth, a videographer for the Columbus Dispatch website, uploaded a video of homeless talent Ted Williams’ golden radio voice. Two days and 4 million views later, Williams’ life has been turned around with his overnight fame.

In the video, Chenoweth drives up to Williams on a street corner. He is holding a sign that says, “I have a god given gift of voice.” He offers him a dollar in exchange for hearing this amazing voice.

And amazing it is:

According to Chenowith’s description on the YouTube video, as well as to a CNN report, Ted Williams, “The Homeless Man With The Radio Voice”, has been privy to a stream of job offers ever since the video went viral. The video description provides a string of updates:

Williams says in the video that he went to school for his voice, but unfortunately alcohol and drugs wound up taking over his life. He has been clean for two years, but I can imagine that it isn’t so easy to get yourself back on your feet after all of that and get a job doing what you really love. The overnight celebrity afforded to Williams from this video certainly gave him the leg up over the competition and I think that is very cool.

I find this story to be so heart warming and inspiring and hope that more people will act to improve the lives of the less fortunate, or even just the lesser-known, by spreading the word about their talents.

I want to say kudos to Doral Chenoweth for everything you did for Ted Williams. Like you, I wish him all the best and am sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. And I’ve got a feeling that one of the first places we’ll be seeing him is in an auto-tune remix. Whaddaya say, Gregory Brothers?

UPDATE: Curious about how Ted Williams’ life has been changed as a result of Chenoweth’s YouTube video? Check out his interview on The Early Show on CBS below.