Vine as a Marketing Tool: Can You Sum Up a Brand In Six Seconds?

Vine is the perfect elevator pitch vehicle for your brand.

Tide has a campaign, “Stains Better Be Scared,” in which they play off of some of your favorite scary flicks to create detergent-based Vine videos. The first, which has popped up in a few places, is an homage to Carrie, the Sissy Spacek movie that’s been scaring the pants off of people since 1976. Zeroing in on the scene of the movie, Tide takes a bath in some pig’s blood. But hey, it’s Tide, so even evil prom-goers are no match.

Of course, Halloween has a little something to do with this campaign. The timing couldn’t be better. But Adweek also proposes that Vine is great for “horror marketing.”

“After all, gore-and-shock entertainment has always leaned on sudden, short-lived moments,” the site says.

If you can sum up your brand or product in a short clip, Vine could be a useful tool overall. It’s like an elevator pitch for your PR program.

Last month, Mashable highlighted 15 brands that they say are killing it on Vine. Apparel brands like Gap, Burberry and Puma showcase colorful, fun, stylish items that catch the eye like a moving store window. GE highlights its science savvy while Samsung shows how cool its tech savvy is. Oreo, which habitually wins on social media, shows how fun its cookies are to eat. And Dove keeps it simple with an uplifting message that ties into its “Real Women” campaign.

One brand that was missing from this list is Lululemon. Even if their pants were a hot see-through mess for a minute, its Vine videos do well in capturing the essence of the yoga-infused athletic wear lifestyle that is the focus of its brand. (Example below.)

And just this weekend, Mountain Dew ran a Vine spot that tied into its Nascar sponsorship with Dale Earnhardt Jr. For them, the hook is the idea of the “animated billboard.”

PRs, who spend a good chunk of their time summing up a brand and translating that into something compelling for customers, should be trying to bring Vine video into the publicity fold where they can. A quick and oftentimes quirky video that speaks to the viewer with humor and a brand message should be right in their wheelhouse.

Here are some winning Vine videos.