Get Inspired By Vimeo Weekend Projects

Feel like doing something creative this weekend? Why not get inspired by the Vimeo Weekend Project and make a video?

Feel like doing something creative this weekend? Why not get inspired by the Vimeo Weekend Project and make a video? Every few weekends, Vimeo proposes a weekend project to users on the site. Think of it as a weekend homework assignment, but way more fun and creative.

The Vimeo Project has offered up all kinds of great assignments and ideas from 5 second films to reverse sequences, dream descriptions, earliest memories, video haikus (5 seconds, 7 seconds, 5 seconds) and more.

I’m really excited about this weekend’s project – a short biographical documentary. Here’s the description of the assignment, from the Vimeo blog:

Have you ever seen someone and think to yourself “Wow, I bet this person has some pretty cool stories to tell”? This weekend we’d like to give you the opportunity to capture these stories on video. Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of your mailman is like? Have you ever wondered why that really tall guy stands on the same corner every day holding an iron? What about that security guard who works the midnight shift at the bank? What does he do all night? How about the war veteran you pass by on your way to work everyday collecting donations? Surely he’s got some interesting things to say.

The main goal here is for you to get to know somebody better. I love when I see a musician playing in the subway that I’ve filmed in the past and go over and say hello. I’ve made new friends! Try to interview somebody you’re not related to and get our of your comfort zone a little bit. We won’t deduct any points if you don’t, but give it a shot! Escape the confines of your social circle.

You can read more about this weekend’s project on the Vimeo blog. The winner gets a free Plus account and the runner up gets an extra 1 GB of upload capacity. Here’s an example they give of the type of video you could make for the project:

I am keeping my fingers crossed that a lot of people will take part in this Vimeo Weekend Project. I think that asking people to go outside of their comfort zone and talk to someone they are totally unrelated to will result in some amazing work and I can’t wait to see what people come up with. I love the fact that Vimeo comes up with these products to inspire their users to be creative and go out and shoot something fantastic. I love watching the submissions and thinking to myself that these videos may never exist if it wasn’t for Vimeo’s Weekend Project.

Have you ever taken part in a Vimeo Weekend Project? Do you think you’ll be making a short biographical documentary this weekend?