Vimeo Calling On Users To Create Vimeo Awards Promo Spots

The first ever Vimeo Festival + Awards is coming up in October, and to start spreading the word Vimeo is turning to its users to create promos for the event. The video site has made promo spots this week’s “Weekend Project”, with entries due by the end of the day Tuesday, EST. Vimeo users are invited to create their own promo videos and the winners will receive sweet Vimeo account upgrades, as well as have their videos features on the site with the other spectacular promo videos.

Every few weekends, Video proposes a Weekend Project to inspire users. The current Vimeo Festival + Awards promo project is great because it serves a dual purpose. On one hand one, it gives Vimeo the opportunity to crowd source to find some great promos for the low price of 1 GB of extra upload capacity, a fully loaded Vimeo Plus account or 25,000 HD Embeds. Vimeo also gets free publicity for their event, as people who enter videos into the weekend project will no doubt share their videos with all their friends, online and off. On the other hand, the project isn’t completely selfish on Vimeo’s part, as it gives creators the opportunity to get their name out there and show off their skills to the Vimeo community.
So far, only three videos have been uploaded to the promo Weekend Project. However, there are still a couple of days for users to upload their content. One of the videos that was uploaded today is just plain awesome, so we thought we’d share it with you here:

Think you’d like to make a Vimeo Festival + Awards promo for the Weekend Project? The rules are easy-peasy:

“Your video should be 30 seconds long (no more, no less.) It must end with the Vimeo Festival + Awards logo, which can be downloaded here. And it should embody the spirit of the event, celebrating video creators in a unique and interesting way.
“There will be our usual prizes: The winner will take home a fully loaded Plus account or 25,000 HD Embeds if they are already Plus. And the runner-up will receive an extra 1 GB of upload capacity or 10,000 HD Embeds if they are already a Plus member.
“In addition to these sweet prizes, the winner will have their video featured on the site along with the rest of the promo videos! This is an excellent opportunity to get your work out there.”

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of the promos that have already been created by members of the Vimeo community on the Vimeo Festival + Awards website. We’ve also posted a couple of our favorites below.