Video Tour of the Sony Reader PRS-900 Daily Edition


Just a quick post to point you to something to get your mouth watering for your next big gadget purchase. Mobile Tech Review just posted a 14-minute video tour of the Sony Reader Daily Edition. Frankly, it looks pretty damn cool. Click over to their site to watch the video, but here are some highlights.

As with all E-Ink screens, there’s a little lag when the screen changes, but the touch interface looks smooth and intuitive, with big icons to move between functions, which include, beyond, obviously, reading books, note-taking (both handwritten with the included stylus and typed with the onscreen keyboard), a dictionary, and audio playing, making the PRS-900 more than just a dedicated reader.

Sony has included some nice little touches that its competitors have omitted, such as a removable back cover and battery, and an included book-like front cover with little magnets to keep it shut when not in use (how many times has your Kindle snagged other books or papers when shoved into your bag?). The device itself, as well as the AT&T 3G receiver, automatically goes into standby (whereas if you don’t shut off the Kindle’s wireless, it stays on, draining the power), though according to Mobile Tech, your periodicals will still download overnight. There are also slots for an SD card and memory stick, in case the 1.6 gigs of internal memory aren’t enough.

There are other niceties, including an Apple-like cover view for books, something the Kindle also ain’t got. There’s much more on the video, but this blogger must admit the device looks sweet–the screen is bigger, the interface smarter, than the Kindle. After watching this you may really want one.