Craig Morgan Teicher

Craig Morgan Teicher Signing Off

It is with a heavy heart that I sign off today as editor of MediaBistro’s eBookNewser. It’s been an amazing six months since we started the blog, and I’m honored […]

Free eBook(s) of the Day: Barnes & Noble’s Summer eBook Giveaway

For this editor’s last official free eBook of the day, here’s a way to get five free eBooks, though you’ve got to be patient. Barnes & Noble is running a […]

City Lights Books Says Smash Your Kindle

This is the current City Lights Books catalog. As you can see, it depicts a kind of Kindle graveyard. “Smash your Kindle,” City Lights seems to say, “we publish books […]

iPad Already Out of Stock in UK

Apple won’t start shipping iPads to UK customers until May 28th, but, the company is already out of stock due to a high volume of pre-orders, reports The Guardian. US […]

Book Trailer Award Finalists Announced

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Melville House announced the finalists for its Moby Awards for book trailers. 25 trailers have been nominated in five categories, all of them listed […]

Kindle Firmware 2.5 May Be Downloading to Your Kindle Right Now

In a post on Amazon’s Kindle discussion boards, a Kindle user named S. Foster recounted some compelling details from a conversation had with an Amazon tech. Foster found out that […]

Kobo: The Open eReader App

The New York Times gives Kobo a bit boost in a story published earlier this week about various eReader apps and platforms. Basically, Bob Tedeschi of the NYT compares various […]

Finally, A Golden iPad!

What could be better than our old friend the diamond iPad? The Golden iPad, of course! This little beauty, pictured above via Mashable, costs an impressive $189,125 (£129,995 from the […]

Will the iPad Go Mass Market?

TechCrunch Europe cites a UK report that says iPad won’t be going mass market any time soon. According to the report, people can’t figure out where the device will fit […]

Apple Says You Can Take iPad On Your Scooter

Here’s Apple’s new iPad ad. Not only does it depict someone clutching an iPad while riding a scooter (we wouldn’t actually recommend doing this) but it promises “more books than […]