PSA Video: cellphones are making people flaky as #%@*

cellphoneInterface designer, filmmaker, and periodic musician, Alex Cornell thinks cellphones are making people flaky – he even made a video to express his angry sentiments.

Cornell argues, quite accurately, that ever since cellphones and smartphones have made RVSP-ing and texting an hourly activity, it seems that mobile convenience have actually been detrimental to timeliness – a major setback to having perpetual access to all of our friends all of the time. Have you been on the receiving end of friendly, yet flaky scenarios? If so, you might very well agree with Cornell:

Once it comes time for your plan, we can divide your invitees into three categories. First we have the latecomers, those that despite the remedial time-management skills necessary to arrive on time, are stuck in traffic, still at work, or looking for parking. Second we have the no-shows, those that bail at the last minute and seem unusually eager to reschedule to compensate. Third we have the optimizers. These guys are reluctant to commit because they’re still in the process of evaluating if your plan is the best plan. Finally there is potential for a fourth category–those that show up on time–but as our expectation bar indicates, this is unlikely.

It’s unlikely that any of our readers are friends with Cornell, but we hope his video will help him maintain less flaky relationships. For the rest of us, it might help to share this PSA about cellphone use in solidarity with everyone who has had to deal with perpetually late, always hesitant, never dependable mobile friends who are always using cellphones to revise plans. There is certainly not an app to fix that.

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