Victim of Virginia Tech Shooting Creates Campus Safety App

Technology has great potential to empower individuals, even after traumatic and violent crimes people can have the ability to heal and helping others often allow survivors to feel better about healing. That’s the story of Kristina Anderson who survived two gunshot wounds from the Virginia Tech Massacre that took the lives of 11 students at Virgina Tech. Anderson is part of a larger team whose LiveSafe app means safer communities with better access to an emergency responder.

LiveSafe provides two-way communication for students and campus officials to monitor real-time events. It’s like crimewatch for smartphones: students can anonymously record crime scene voice, video, and images tagged with GPS information for investigators and officials. Moreover, since no one bothers remembering numbers anymore, the app will locate emergency numbers for the nearest hospital if you ever get in a jam. It can also notify your parents when you are in trouble.

The LiveSafe team is still testing their mobile app, but you can request a live demo on their site.