VEVO, Viddy, and Other Social Video Sites Find Success on Facebook’s Timeline

Facebook‘s Open Graph has become a sort of incubator for smaller networks, and online video sites are the latest pioneers to benefit from the service. By letting users sign up with Facebook and add videos to their timelines, sites like Viddy, VEVO, Izlesene and Dailymotion have each seen a surge in traffic.

Viddy was already poised for success when the New York Times used the magic words in 2011: “If you’ve seen what Instagram has done for phone-shot photos, you can imagine that Viddy may soon do the same for videos.” But Facebook’s timeline didn’t hurt, either. Since February, the app has grown its user base from 60,000 monthly active users to more than 920,000, doubling its average daily sign-ups.

VEVO has a number of syndication partners including AOL, YouTube, MTV, BET, Univision, and, most recently, Yahoo! Music. But when the video-sharing site relaunched its Web, iPhone and Android apps with a Facebook integration, daily registrations went up 200 percent. The number of actions published on Facebook went up 600 percent from February to March, while referrals to VEVO from Facebook went up 130 percent. Now 60 percent of VEVO’s traffic comes from timeline app stories published to Facebook.

Video apps are getting even more traction in Europe. Izlesene, a video site based in Turkey, launched its timeline app in September 2011.  Since then, the site’s monthly active user base has grown from 250,000 to more than 6.5 million. A French social video site called Dailymotion picked up 9 million users through its timeline app just in the past two months. There are now 6 million daily visitors to the social video site and the number of videos viewed has tripled.

People love to watch and share videos, so the video apps and websites integrated with Open Graph really benefit when the videos go viral. Good content should help these apps stand out among the other 3,000 that have launched through Facebook in the last three months.