Devon Glenn

An Unscientific, Yet Revealing Look at Anthony Weiner’s Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

Addvocate and Column Five have partnered on this infographic that literally gets inside the politician's head. We don't really want to know, but here it is.

NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Visits Social Media Followers on Its Way to Space

It may be decades before men and women walk on Mars, but America's space agency is giving the public a glimpse of the future through its innovative social media program, NASA Social.

@SocialTimes to Join @NASASocial for the Orion Stationary Recovery Test

Is it even possible to Vine or Instagram something like that? I have no idea. But expect plenty of pictures of the Navy’s recovery ship, the Hydro Impact Basin, and NASA Langley’s National Transonic Facility, all of which are part of the tour, as I cover the event live from Virginia. You can follow me on Twitter at @DevonGlenn or @SocialTimes and also keep an eye on @NASASocial, @NASA_Orion and the #NASASocial hashtag for updates from from the entire group.

Yelp Update: Users Can Now Post Reviews Straight From Their iPhones

For reviews of local businesses that just can't wait until the writer gets home, Yelp has updated its mobile app to let users post reviews straight from their phones. For obvious reasons, we're giving this update two thumbs up.

Topsy Releases Social Data APIs

Topsy today announced the launch of social data APIs to bring insights from Twitter's Firehose to brands, agencies, publishers, and developers for use in their social dashboards and other applications.

A Marketer’s Guide to Retargeting on Facebook [Infographic]

Ever wonder how brands are able to follow visitors from their websites straight to the users' Facebook pages?

Who Is to Blame for the CBS and Showtime Blackouts on Time Warner Cable? [Infographic]

Social media research firm Fizziology turned to Twitter to see which party the public blames for all the drama. So far, Time Warner Cable has taken 66 percent -- the largest chunk --- of the blame.

NBC News Acquires Stringwire to Gather User-Generated Eyewitness Videos

NBC News has acquired the user-generated live video service Stringwire, the network announced today. The company's founder, Phil Groman, will join NBC News as product lead in NBC News Digital Group's San Francisco office.

HelloFlo on ‘Camp Gyno:’ ‘We Weren’t Trying to Revolutionize Feminine Care Marketing’ [Video]

Jamie McCelland, one of the creatives behind the video, joined HelloFlo CEO and founder Naama Bloom and MediaPost writer and critic Barbara Lippert in this Google+ hangout to explain how he and co-creator Pete Marquis tapped into the brains of pre-teenage girls to pull it off.

Responsive Design: Getting It Right [Infographic]

Now that more internet users are ditching their desktop computers for smartphones and tablets, website developers need to design their sites to work on multiple devices.