Vevo Traffic Up 62 Percent, Thanks To YouTube

Vevo is one of the fastest growing video sites of all time, having built themselves up to a whopping 48 million unique visitors in June, only half a year after their launch in December 2009. According to recent statistics released by the video site, Vevo’s traffic has grown 62 percent since the site launched at the end of last year. Though Vevo has done very well on it’s own, YouTube has played a huge factor in the site’s growth, as YouTubers can stream Vevo clips and many viewers initially discovered the music video site because of videos they watched on YouTube.

According to Vevo statistics published by MediaBeat, the site is currently attracting 62 percent more unique monthly viewers in the United States than they did when they first launched. Over the months they have surpassed ABC, MTV, NBC Universal, Hulu, CBS Interactive and Myspace in the number of viewers and continue to grow.

In addition to the growth in monthly unique viewers in the US, which rose to 48 million in June, Vevo also announced some other interesting statistics:

  • Vevo has more than 141 million unique global visitors in June
  • Vevo reached 27 percent of the US Hispanic audience that is online
  • Vevo reached 25 percent of moms that are online
  • One out of every four Vevo viewers watched a Vevo clip on YouTube

The last statistic is the one I find most interesting. 25 percent of Vevo viewers are still watching clips on YouTube, rather than on the Vevo site. One out of four is a huge percentage of Vevo’s traffic, so it is clear that the site owes a lot of their growth to YouTube. I know that personally when I want to watch a music video I head straight to YouTube, knowing that I can easily find Vevo content there. As a matter of fact, I have never actually navigated to the Vevo website to look for a clip from one of my favorite artists.

I wonder if it wasn’t for YouTube what Vevo’s traffic would look like. Surely they would still have a lot of unique viewers, as three-quarters of their views take place on their actual site right now. But I wonder how many of these viewers found out about Vevo through YouTube, and whether they would be watching videos on Vevo’s site if they hadn’t originally watched a Vevo clip on YouTube.

Do you watch Vevo music videos online? When you do, do you head to YouTube or to Vevo’s website? How much of Vevo’s success do you think is thanks to YouTube?

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