Verizon Offers Pay-As-You-Go Option for Smartphone Users

Verizon unveiled a budget-friendly option for smartphone users – $70 per month of talk and text and up to 2GB of data. The announcement specifically names 3G phones, but does not clearly state whether 4G phones are supported. Since Verizon has been advertising its faster 4G network, this plan may not be the best option for new phone buyers who can optimize 4G technologies on Verizon’s advanced 4G wireless network.

Simply pay upfront to enjoy unlimited talk, messaging and data of your choice on our Prepaid 3G smartphone plans. You can renew your prepaid phone plan for another 30 days by paying the monthly plan fee prior to your monthly renewal date. If you go over your data allowance in your 30—day month period, purchase an extra 1GB of data for $20 when your data balance reaches 100MB or lower or just pay 5¢ per MB.

You don’t have to purchase a new smartphone to take advantage of the new data plan, so it’s perfect for old phones or expired contracts. T-Mobile has much more flexible monthly rates so if you use around 2GB of data per month, it’s only $60. Further, T-Mobile’s 3G network is comparable if not faster than Verizon’s 3G. T-Mobile’s no contract rate for $70 per month gives you access to their 4G network and unlimited data. Users could also check this handy resource for finding each specific location’s optimal carrier and cell towers.


Via Mashable