Verizon Media Debuts Tune-In Attribution to Cash In on CTV Boom

Wireless network operator aims to link content and commerce

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Verizon Media's attribution tool is made possible through its tie-up with InScape. Verizon Media
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Verizon Media has inked a partnership with a subsidiary of TV manufacturer Vizio to help marketers promoting connected TV to better establish which ad spend drives viewers to streaming services.

Dubbed TV Tune-In Attribution, the measurement tool allows media buyers using the Verizon Media demand-side platform to attribute TV show tune-ins to ads served on any channel, including mobile, CTV, video, desktop, native and beyond.

The process is enabled through a tie-up with Vizio-owned Inscape, an automated content recognition service that effectively creates watermarks for TV content, which can then help buyers measure the performance of ads.

“We’re doing this with InScape, which has its identifiers, and what we do is match them to our identity graph, which is made up of our own first-party data set of logged-in users,” Iván Markman, chief business officer at Verizon Media, explained to Adweek.

He further explained how this forms part of Verizon Media’s strategy of helping advertisers better understand how content drives commerce.

Discovery—whose programming has done particularly well during the pandemic—is one of the first brands to use Verizon Media’s TV Tune-In Attribution product at launch, helping it identify the effects of non-TV inventory on TV viewing and ensuring greater harmony across campaigns.

Seth Goren, group svp of media strategy and analytics at Discovery, said the offering represents a critical advancement of platforms powered by real-time data. “These kinds of infrastructure enhancements enable a whole new spectrum of thinking to drive optimization and ultimately improve a range of tune-in outcomes that matter deeply to our business,” he said.

Both InScape owner Vizio and Discovery are part of the leading TV industry measurement collaboration Project OAR (Open Addressable Ready), an attempt to achieve industry standards to better help advertisers scale TV buying opportunities.

@ronan_shields Ronan Shields is a programmatic reporter at Adweek, focusing on ad-tech.