Vampires are Elitist; Zombies are Populist

In our call for Halloween pitches that worked, we heard from Jen Hobbs at Skyhorse Publishing, publicist for two venerable tomes “The Zen of Zombie” and “The Vampire Survival Guide”.

In addition to placements in the Washington Post, and Chicago Trib, Hobbs targeted the undead demographic and placed both authors on Fox’s Red Eye show at 3 AM.

Check out the banter above between Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld and Zombie pundit Scott Kenemore. If you didn’t suspect this already, Zombies are the single-minded working class of the monster world, where those East-coast Vampires are elitist since they need to be fabulous. Gutfeld even touches upon the dreaded N-word topic too–necrophelia. Because zombies need to get some too.

Joe the Zombie can find tips on how to fight elitist Vampires in the Red Eye segment after the jump: